Mary’s Senior Photos

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I had such a blast with Mary and her sister Annie during our Fort Worth senior photo shoot last weekend! First up was Mary at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Mary’s choice of location was perfect for her since she’s planning on going to school for ranching. This cowgirl was gorgeous against the vintage backdrops of the stockyards. I was really impressed with how mature Mary was. She has a good head on her shoulders and I can tell she’s ready to take life by the horns! Congratulations, Mary!

Next up–Annie’s photos at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!

Mary-6190 Mary1 Mary-2007 Mary-2067 Mary-2081 Mary-6215 Mary-2148 Mary2 Mary3 Mary-2177

Clare’s Senior Photos

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The lovely, vibrant Clare is graduating on Saturday! I met her and her mother last night for senior photos. It has been raining and storming for weeks now, so we jumped at the chance to take advantage of the sunny day yesterday. I had so much fun photographing Clare, and I just loved the outfits she picked out (gotta have those cowgirl boots!). Besides being impeccably fashionable, I found out that Clare is also quite sporty. She played basketball, volleyball and softball during her high school years. Congratulations, Clare, your future looks bright!

claresenior1 Claresenior-1877 Claresenior-1890 Claresenior-1914 Claresenior-1930 claresenior3 Claresenior-1979 Claresenior-2004 Claresenior-2054 claresenior5 Claresenior-2098

Margie and the Bug

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Margie has a lot in common with her vintage VW beetle: both are fun, cute, unique and look great in pictures! I have been bugging(see what I did there) Margie about doing this photo shoot ever since she moved here from California a year ago. How gorgeous is this girl? I cannot get over how nicely Margie compliments her car in her super chic mint green dress and cowboy boots. And those curls and bright eyes–perfection! Listen, Margie, you may be a California girl, but Texas suits you pretty darn well!

Margie2fb Margie5 Margie6 Margie-5904



Clare Takes Dallas by Storm

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I was so lucky to have my sister Clare visit last week! Not only was Clare great company, but she cooked, cleaned, organized my entire apartment, and took care of Ria. Understandably, when her plane flight out of here drew near, I was ready to lock her in the back room. Unfortunately my conscience got the better of me and I let her leave me to my old responsibilities. But before she left, we went out to downtown Dallas for a photo shoot! We had a great time stolling around the Dallas Museum of Art and Kylde Warren Park. Take a look at these photos and you will understand why Clare has been dubbed by me and my sisters “the pretty one”.  Now if only I could convince her to move here….ClareDallas1 ClareDallas-2204 ClareDallas3 ClareDallas2xClareDallas5ClareDallas-9050 ClareDallas-2250 ClareDallas4 ClareDallas-2340 ClareDallas-2346

Grapevine Gals

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What better way to commemorate a best friend’s visit than a photo shoot in a historic Texas downtown? Susannah’s best friend Andrea is visiting from Michigan, and she thought it would be a fun idea to take some pics in downtown Grapevine. Main street was closed for preparations for a festival, but Susannah negotiated our way in and we got the VIP treatment! These girls were such fun models! They were pros at posing, and best of all, just had a good time!  Awesome models, exclusive location and a fun day on the town–it was a photographer’s dream! I got to take pictures of Susannah’s daughter’s Baptism earlier this year, and I love working with this awesome, beauitful, mama! Don’t forget to visit her blog, and let her know if you liked the pictures!

GrapevineGals-1583 GrapevineGals2 GrapevineGals1 GrapevineGals-1747 GrapevineGals3GrapevineGals-1826 GrapevineGals-1845GrapevineGals-1721GrapevineGals-1772

Jack’s Birthday

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Matt, Meg, and Jack are awesome, and  I was so glad to take family pictures of them for Jack’s first birthday. Jack is an adorable little ball of verve and jubilation. Throughout the session, he was all over the place, exploding with smiles and giving mom and dad bear hugs. I know Meg from my young moms’ group. She is caring and genuine, makes delicious chocolate zucchini bread, and loves riding motorcycles(this last one surprised me! Meg is full of surprises!). Matt is the perfect match for Meg, cheery, congenial, and adventurous. They are great parents who love each other and their little guy so much!

Jacksbday-4143Jackbday-1 Jackbday-4023 jackbdaycollagewebjackbdaycollage2Jacksbday-4197jackbdaycollage3webjackbdaycollage4-2Jacksbday-4367Jacksbday-4106Jackbday-4116

And off he goes again! What did I tell ya?

Patrick’s Birthday

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Patrick is one year old! To mark the occasion, I got to take some pictures of this little man and his awesome parents!

Stephanie, Mike and Patrick were our first neighbors here in Irving. When we first met last year, Stephanie would bring Patrick for a play date, which consisted mostly of the babies lying on their backs and looking at each other inquisitively. Nowadays, Patrick is all over the place, pulling up and going back down again, and crawling all over the room. I have just loved watching him grow! Patrick will often greet you with a solemn, serious face, but give him a smile or a tickle and you will quickly see him light up. What a cutie!

PatrickBday-2877  PatrickBday2web PatrickBday-2843 PatrickBday-2933 PatrickBday-2-2PatrickBday-3058web PatrickBday-3131 PatrickBday-3149PatrickBday-3158

Baby Gianna

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We spent a wonderful weekend down in Kileen visiting our friends Dana and Eric and their new baby.You may remember Dana and Eric from their maternity photos. As expected, their baby is adorable! At the time of these photos, Giana was 5 weeks old. In my mind, Ria is still a baby, but next to Gianna, she looked like a toddler. It is crazy how quickly they grow and change! Dana and Eric, you have a beautiful little girl!


So curious and aware!
So curious and aware!


"OK, mom, that's enough with the kisses!"
“OK, mom, that’s enough with the kisses!”


babyg-2175babyg-1935    baby6babyg-2226

Such a beautiful little family!



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Last week I wanted to practice some photography techniques, so I asked Veronica to be my model. We traipsed over to a bluebonnet field that Zach had spotted from his classroom window (way to look out, honey!) Veronica’s style is so classic and her expressions are intense and gorgeous. She was super awesome about the whole thing.


Veronica-1062bVeronica-1123bVeronicacollage Veronica-1179Veronica-1183 Veronica-1200

Isn’t her hair amazing? Those CURLS! And I love the color! Note to self: Not the best idea to ask your model if they have heard of there being snakes in bluebonnet fields, and then ask them to lie down in a bluebonnet field…

Don’t worry, we didn’t see any snakes!


A Day in Downtown Grapevine

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Historic downtown Grapevine provided the setting for my Friday adventure with Anne and Ria last weekend. I love 1800’s architecture –my hometown, Helena, Montana, has tons of it, including a downtown walking mall–and so naturally when I heard Grapevine had a historic district, I had to check it out! Anne is always up for exploring with me and so off we went! We wandered down Main street, threading in and out of boutiques, and stopping for coffee at Main Street Bakery, as we took in the sights. Anne graciously modeled for me as I took pictures of anything and everything.




My goodness this girl is gorgeous!






Ria was a little trooper being pushed around in the umbrella stoller! Here are two pics of her from early and later in the day. Her face in the second picture cracks me up! Looks like in the end she was done putting up with our shenanigans! Here’s one for the super sleuths out there: what’s missing in the second picture?