Kaylee’s Main Street Grapevine Senior Photos

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Wanna know a secret? Senior photos are some of my favorite photos to shoot! I just love portraying the personalities of the seniors I photograph, all of whom have been so vibrant and fun. Kaylee was no exception to this rule. It was so fun to walk down Main Street, Grapevine with Kaylee and her mom. I could go on and on about Kaylee– she is beautiful, fun, intelligent, kind, mature–I know she makes her family proud! Kaylee told me she will be serving a year of missionary work after graduating. I was not surprised to hear this–not only that she has a solid plan for the future, but that it involves giving to others. Congratulations, Kaylee!


kaylee1 kaylee-2449 kaylee-2471 kaylee-7160 kaylee-2479 kaylee-2498 kaylee-2514-2 kaylee-2528 kaylee-2557 kaylee-2543

Grapevine Gals

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What better way to commemorate a best friend’s visit than a photo shoot in a historic Texas downtown? Susannah’s best friend Andrea is visiting from Michigan, and she thought it would be a fun idea to take some pics in downtown Grapevine. Main street was closed for preparations for a festival, but Susannah negotiated our way in and we got the VIP treatment! These girls were such fun models! They were pros at posing, and best of all, just had a good time!  Awesome models, exclusive location and a fun day on the town–it was a photographer’s dream! I got to take pictures of Susannah’s daughter’s Baptism earlier this year, and I love working with this awesome, beauitful, mama! Don’t forget to visit her blog, and let her know if you liked the pictures!

GrapevineGals-1583 GrapevineGals2 GrapevineGals1 GrapevineGals-1747 GrapevineGals3GrapevineGals-1826 GrapevineGals-1845GrapevineGals-1721GrapevineGals-1772

A Day in Downtown Grapevine

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Historic downtown Grapevine provided the setting for my Friday adventure with Anne and Ria last weekend. I love 1800’s architecture –my hometown, Helena, Montana, has tons of it, including a downtown walking mall–and so naturally when I heard Grapevine had a historic district, I had to check it out! Anne is always up for exploring with me and so off we went! We wandered down Main street, threading in and out of boutiques, and stopping for coffee at Main Street Bakery, as we took in the sights. Anne graciously modeled for me as I took pictures of anything and everything.




My goodness this girl is gorgeous!






Ria was a little trooper being pushed around in the umbrella stoller! Here are two pics of her from early and later in the day. Her face in the second picture cracks me up! Looks like in the end she was done putting up with our shenanigans! Here’s one for the super sleuths out there: what’s missing in the second picture?