One Year Old Bluebonnet Session

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I just love spring in Texas–the cool temperatures, verdant greens, and best of all, the wildflowers! When a sweet little boy has a birthday this time of year, bluebonnet photos are a must! Thomas just turned one. Last time I photographed this family, he was six months old. It is so awesome to see how much he’s grown! He’s walking now, and watching him tottering around losing his balance and tumbling into the flowers– it was stinkin’ adorable. Another big difference is how striking the color of his hair has gotten–this little guy’s red head and the bright blue flowers made for an awesome color combination! Of course I can’t neglect to mention Nathanial and Geralyn. They are still as cool as ever, and it’s always a pleasure to hang out with them! The night we took these photos I got to relish another Texas experience — an intense, booming thunderstorm! We finished up before it started coming down, but I think you can see some ominous purple tones in the sky in some of these pictures. Like Texas in the spring, this family is pleasant and bright, and a lot of fun!

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Baby Adelina

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Introducing Baby Adelina! I had the honor of photographing this sweet little girl at just 7 days old. Naturally, Mary Clare and Damian simply adore this beautiful girl. When the baby was getting tired, Damian stepped in to walk her around. Mary Clare told me that her husband often gets the baby to sleep this way. This time, however, Adelina rewarded him a little surprise of her own (one of the dangers of diaper-less newborn photos!). Both parents took it so well, and were totally cracking up as they cleaned up the areas of collateral damage. Seeing their good-humored reaction to the mishap, I can tell these two have what it takes to be great parents!
About a week after our newborn session, we met up for some bluebonnet photos, which I thought was an awesome idea! What better way to commemorate the time of year that this beautiful girl was born? Congratulations, Damian and Mary Clare! You will be wonderful parents!

babyk-8807 babyk3 babyk-8711babyk2 babyk5 babyk-8835 babyk6 babyk7 babyk-8889 babyk-8929 babyk-8935 babyk1 babyk4 babyk-8949

Baby Katherine

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Beautiful baby Katherine is about two months old. I photographed this little sweetie pie at her home a couple weekends ago. Baby Katherine was very obliging, giving me nothing but sweet smiles and cute expressions the entire time. Her older brother also got in front of the camera for a few shots–how cute are these two together? Congratulations to this family on their new addition!

babyk-3 babyk-7352 babyk-2 babyk-7443 babyk-4babyk-7472 babyk-7418 babyk-1 babyk-7614

Baby Gianna

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Introducing baby Gianna! You may remember Ray, Katie and Raymo from their family pictures I took last month. I was so lucky to get to hang out with them again last weekend in their beautiful home, and meet their new little girl! Gianna is such a perfect little baby! I could tell that she is cherished by her family. Kate was so peaceful holding her new little girl, and so beautiful (seriously, looking at these pictures of Kate, can you believe she had a baby just six days earlier?) Ray is such a sweet, attentive dad – whether he was baby talking to Gia or playing soccer in the other room with Raymo, it was clear that he loves and enjoys his kids very much. To this sweet family, congratulations on the beautiful baby girl!

babyg-4956 babyg-c2 babyg-c10 babyg-c8 babyg-c6 babyg-c4 babyg-5153 babyg-5142 babyg-5019 babyg-5157 babyg-4962

Baby Samuel

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This is baby Samuel, his beautiful mother, Mercedes, his loving father, Stephen, and his sweet older sister, Josie. Taking pictures of this sweet little boy and his family left me with a melted, puddle heart and an intense case of baby fever! Here are some of my favorite of this little guy!

babys-9613 babys5 babys-9469 babys-9556 babys-0056 babys1 babys-0060 babys2 babys-0043 babys-0066

Wyatt: One Year Old! Family Photos at the Dallas Arboretum

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I met Wyatt, Marika and Nick on an autumnal day at the Dallas Arboretum. It was so great to take photos of this sweet family! Wyatt was so cute playing in the pumpkin patch! Marika and Nick were totally cool and fun to hang out with. Marika works at a parks and rec. department(yes, she is a fan of the TV show–she told me it is more true to life than you might think!) Nick is an archaeologist! How cool is that? I asked him what interesting artifacts he has found, and he told me that he once excavated ancient arrowheads. Towards the end of the session, Wyatt was starting to get a little done-with-it all, but then his grandparents showed up, and he brightened up really fast! It was so sweet! Below are a few of the highlights from the day. I hope you like them!

familyc-7077 familyc-1 familyc-7122 familyc-7220 familyc-2 familyc-7411

Thomas is 6 Months Old!

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Thomas is 6 months old, and his parents thought it would be a good time to take some photos of this cutie along with some family pictures! Thomas is such a sweetie pie. I love his red hair! His mom came prepared with baby blankets and some of his favorite books, which amped the cuteness factor up even more! I had a great time with these guys. Nathanael and Geralyn are so cool. When I met them at Centennial Park, we realized that we had met before at a party! It’s such a small world around here! I just love the photos we got, and I hope you do too!

familyr-6397 familyr-6402 familyr-6454 familyr-6498 familyr-6704 familyr-5 familyr-3 familyr-6familyr-6630

Joey’s First Birthday — a Family Affair

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Joey has turned one-year-old, and to commemorate, we snapped some picture of this adorable little guy and his family-mom, dad, grandpa and grandma! Inez and Dave are such an awesome couple–and cute to boot! Joey’s grandparents, Rafael and Mary, live in southern Texas, and came up to visit for the weekend. Joey is their first grandchild, and it was so awesome to see them playing with him. There is so much love in this family!

I had so much fun with everyone. The whole family was so laid back, and constantly laughing, smiling and joking. One of my favorite moments was when Mary, trying to get Joey to look for a picture, started quacking and flapping her arms. Inez was turned away for the picture, and lamented that she didn’t get to see her mom acting so hilarious. I was sorry I didn’t snap a picture for her! familyh-5223 familyh5 familyh-5236 familyh7 familyh-5111 familyh4 familyh3familyh6familyh2familyh-4756 familyh1 familyh-4977 familyh-5133 familyh-5121 familyh-5266familyh-5195

Family Photos at the Dallas Arboretum

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The Dallas Arboretum is beautiful this time of year. It was the perfect setting for some family photos of Tom, Margaret, Annie and Tommy. This family is great! I know Margaret from my moms’ group. She is so down to earth, and makes me laugh with her astute comments and hint of sarcasm. Tom is a sturdy, loving father and husband. Annie has an adventurous spark, and she allowed me to follow her as she ventured about (ok, I think she was a little weirded out by the crazy lady following her with the camera, which is probably an appropriate reaction). Tommy is so bright and cheerful. He was one of the most compliant babies I have ever photographed. All I had to do was call his name, and he would turn his head and beam at me! After taking in some of the gardens, we made our way to the huge seasonal pumpkin display, where Annie loved exploring and picking up the pumpkins. After that, I snapped a few photos of Tommy in his Baptismal gown. All in all, it was a great day at the Arboretum with a magnificent family! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

familyi1familyi-2 familyi-3618 familyi-3444 familyi-2 familyi2 familyi3 familyi-3764 familyi-3897 familyi-2-2

Baby Joseph is One!

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I met Joseph and his parents on Saturday to take some picture for his first birthday. Joseph is such a smart little man! His impressive vocabulary includes “baby” “hoo-ray!” “quack” and many Spanish words (mom and dad both speak Spanish as well as English. I’m jealous.) Bryan and Elanita are such good parents to Joseph, and I am so excited for them because they are expecting another baby soon! Before we called it a day, we stopped to look at the ducks at on the pond. Joseph loved it! When mom and dad told him we were going to see the ducks, he started quacking in anticipation! What a cutie!

Familyl-3162 Familyl1 Familyl-3203 Familyl4 Familyl5 Familyl-3314 Familyl3