Baby Gianna

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We spent a wonderful weekend down in Kileen visiting our friends Dana and Eric and their new baby.You may remember Dana and Eric from their maternity photos. As expected, their baby is adorable! At the time of these photos, Giana was 5 weeks old. In my mind, Ria is still a baby, but next to Gianna, she looked like a toddler. It is crazy how quickly they grow and change! Dana and Eric, you have a beautiful little girl!


So curious and aware!
So curious and aware!


"OK, mom, that's enough with the kisses!"
“OK, mom, that’s enough with the kisses!”


babyg-2175babyg-1935    baby6babyg-2226

Such a beautiful little family!


Anne: Lovely in Every Way

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I love this girl! During our impromptu photo shoot the other day, she put up with my craziness like a pro! At one point I even asked her to say “Hey you took my birthday cake!”, mostly because I wanted to see if she would shout a random accusation in public (she did), but also to test the waters to see if taking her birthday cake would ever be a feasible option. You might think I’m kidding, but her birthday is next week. In all seriousness I wouldn’t really do that. No way am I putting myself in that line of fire! To sum up, this girl is lovely. But don’t ever take her birthday cake.

Anne (3) web

Anne (12)web


Anne (11)web