Julia’s Baptism

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I had the honor of photographing the Baptism of a sweet baby girl at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Fort Worth last weekend. Julia is the second daughter of Susannah and Anthony. She is about a month old, and like her older sister, Alicia, she is very petite.



Susannah, aka the Ever So Crafty Mom , is a woman of many talents: blogging, baking, sewing, decorating, and all-around master of anything crafty. In fact, guess who made Julia’s beautiful christening gown? Anthony is light-hearted and kind. With two wonderful little girls in tote, these two look like they could not be happier. What a beautiful family!


I was struck by the beauty and symbolism of the Latin Rite Baptism. It starts outside the church doors, symbolizing that the baby has not yet entered the Church. The entire rite is full of such beautiful, effacacious symbolism: laying on of the hands, the imposition of blessed salt, the anointing with chrism, and of course the pouring of the water.








What a joyous occasion! Anthony’s family came to witness and celebrate, and I got to snap a picture of the whole bunch! juliakbaptism-

Congratulations to Julia and here blessed family!


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  1. Susannah

    Oh my gosh, Katie! LOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!! You did an awesome job!!!!!!!

  2. Rachael C

    Beautiful! <3 Congratulations, Anthony, Susannah, Alicia, and Julia! May God continue to bless you abundantly! 🙂

  3. Mark C

    Susannah, Anthony, Alicia & Julia ya’ll are a beautiful family! These photos are fantastic! Beautifully captured! These photos allow us a wonderful glimpse into ya’lls beautiful family, that we miss so very much.

    ~Uncle Mark C.

    Katie, from one photographer to another, you have a beautiful talent. Great job with my Nephew Anthony and his lovely family. -Mark C.

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