Gabe & Katie’s Engagement

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I love how Gabe and Katie planned the details of their engagement session to create something meaningful and unique to them. It was so fun hanging out with these two as they had a tea party picnic, did a little bit of light reading, and shared the stories of how they met and got engaged. These two are the real deal, everyone, and I couldn’t be happier for them! Congratulations, Katie and Gabe!

Fall Mini Sessions 2017

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It’s time for fall mini sessions! This year, the mini session will take place in Irving and Grapevine on Saturday, October 14th and Saturday, November 4th. Session are 25 minutes long and you will receive 15 images for $90 (tax included in price).

As always, you will receive the beautifully edited digital images via an online gallery and print rights are yours to print where you want to! To sign up, just click the date and morning or evening of your preference! A $15 non-refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your spot (the fee will be subtracted from your total due at time of the session).

If you cannot make it on either date, or if you are looking for a longer family session with more photos, I am offering my regular sessions this autumn as well! Contact me to book a family, seniorengagementmaternity or newborn session on a date that is convenient for you!


Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

Zach & Luci’s Wedding

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    Zach and Luci’s wedding was such a blast! I really enjoyed witnessing the commitment made by this amazing couple with the support and love of their family and friends. Luci and Zach said their vows during a beautiful ceremony at St. Anne’s in Coppell. The reception that followed was full of laughter and merriment, and perfect down to the mini apple pie wedding favors which represented one of the couple’s first dates. The best man gave a great speech in which he recalled what it was like growing up with Zach, and said that Zach is the kind of guy that makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Luci’s three sisters gave a charming shared speech in which they extolled Luci’s virtue and meticulous planning skills. Everyone had a good laugh when the three sisters brought up an old list by Luci of must-have qualities of her future husband. From the looks on Zach’s face, I’m guessing he didn’t quite meet all the qualifications (must love Bollywood, must be a good dancer). But when it came to what matters, the girls assured us that Luci had found her perfect man. The speeches were capped off with Dr. Pepper toasts (a nod to Zach and Luci’s Baylor/Waco roots). The bride and bridesmaids kicked off a lively night of dancing with a surprise choreographed dance. Zach and Luci ended the party with a private dance, followed by their exit through a tunnel of smiling faces. I am so happy for these two! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from the beautiful day below!


Adam & Lisa’s Wedding

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Adam and Lisa are an amazing couple. I was so honored to photography their beautiful wedding day, full or friends, family, laughter and love. When two big awesome families such as these are joined together, I would expect nothing less! The ceremony was awe-inspiring, encompassing the beauty of their shared Catholic faith, and when Adam and Lisa said their vows-all the feels! These two are so in love, you guys! The reception was a blast: barbecue, games, kids, babies and a crazy fun dance party–doesn’t get much better than that! One of my favorite parts was the he said/she said game. Adam and Lisa sat back to back and were asked a series of questions (such as “Who knew they wanted to get married first?”, “Who is the better cook?”) to which they lifted up her shoe or his. The results had the whole room laughing. Lisa and Adam are such a lovely couple, it is no wonder that this day was just all around amazing. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

collard-8371 collard-8375 collard-a collard-8425 collard-b collard-8438 collard-8459collard-c2 collard-c3 collard-c4 collard-8527 collard-7244 collard-c5 collard-8531 collard-8540 collard-8544 collard-7252 collard-8575 collard-8580 collard-8586 collard-c6 collard-7258 collard-8593 collard-8641 collard-8622 collard-8645 collard-8652 collard-8657collard-8676collard-8677collard-8682collard-8693collard-8704collard-8720collard-8792collard-8808collard-8813collard-8828collard-8848collard-8850collard-8946collard-8955collard-8887collard-d2collard-d3collard-d5collard-d4collard-8962collard-8973collard-8993collard-9032collardecollarde1collard-9102collarde4collarde3collarde18collarde5collard-9166collard-9167collard-9174collard-9181collard-9191collard-9193collard-9195collard-9211collard-9212collard-9296collard-9294collard-9304collard-9306collard-9342collard-9351collard-9356collarde6collarde7collarde9collarde10collarde11collard-9919collarde12collarde13collarde14collard-9703collarde15collarde16collard-9487collard-9529

John & Kelly’s Wedding

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I was so honored to be a part of John and Kelly’s wedding. What a beautiful day filled with so much love between family and friends! I first met this stunning bride in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been–her home country of Ireland. Kelly is the sister of a dear friend of mine who I was visiting and I couldn’t get over how warm, welcoming and charming their whole family was. Of course I jumped at the chance to photograph Kelly’s wedding. Kelly and John’s wedding took place in a much different, but also very beautiful place: Phoenix, Arizona. John’s family were such gracious hosts–it’s no wonder that both families got along so well! Kelly and John were introduced by a mutual friend, Fr. Scott, who informed John about twelve time “This is Kelly, she’s from Ireland”. The two could not stop thinking about each other since that day, and the rest is history. John and Kelly are both such loving, kind and generous people. During their vows, they held a small crucifix as a symbol of the sacrificial love of marriage. What a beautiful witnesses to power of the sacrament of marriage. To borrow a line from the father of the bride’s moving speech, they are “the real deal”. What a wonderful couple, and what an amazing day! Congratulations, you two!

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Anna Catherine’s Senior Photos

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It was so fun getting to know Anna Catherine during her senior photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend. This girl is such a beauty, through and through. She is kind, smart, sweet, and passionate about helping others. In addition to being involved in many clubs and playing volleyball, she is also active in her church youth group, and looking forward to their annual mission trip this summer. She is so gorgeous and joyful, I seriously do not think I could take a bad photo of this girl! And those curls are #hairgoals. Congrats, Anna Catherine! Your future looks bright!

annacatherine1 annacatherine-3768 annacatherine2 annacatherine-3785annacatherine-3789 annacatherine-3803 annacatherine-3812 annacatherine-3893 annacatherine8 annacatherine-3901 annacatherine-3921 annacatherine3 annacatherine-3986 annacatherine4 annacatherine5 annacatherine7 If you’re wondering where Anna Catherine got her good looks, here is your answer! Anna Catherine’s mom, Lisa, has such a kind and loving heart. A passer by who stopped and talked to us couldn’t believe these two weren’t sisters! annacatherine6

Bluebonnet Sessions – 2017

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That’s a wrap on bluebonnet sessions, 2017 edition! I had a lot of fun meeting and photographing many different families this spring! I love how every family brings their own personalities and styles to the photos! Here are some of my favorites from this year!

bluebonnetminis--2 bluebonnetminis1  bluebonnetminis- bluebonnetminis-8926 kmphotos2017DSC_0147 bluebonnetminis-0106 kmphotos2017DSC_0139 kmphotos2017DSC_1137 kmphotos2017DSC_1155 kmphotos2017DSC_1205 kmphotos2017DSC_1384bluebonnetminis-1528bluebonnetminis-1426 bluebonnetminis-9746bluebonnets-k bluebonnetminis-0559 bluebonnetminis2 kmphotos2017DSC_0676 bluebonnetminis-3 bluebonnetminis-0926 bluebonnetminis-5 bluebonnetminis-1757 bluebonnetminis-1783 bluebonnetminis-1801 bluebonnetminis-1814 bluebonnetminis-1863 bluebonnetminis4 bluebonnetminis-2702 bluebonnetminis-3005 bluebonnetminis-3091 bluebonnetminis-9078 bluebonnetminis-9191 bluebonnetminis-9283 bluebonnetminis-9228 bluebonnetminis-9595 bluebonnets-9465 bluebonnets-9382 bluebonnets-9453 bluebonnets-9480kmphotos2017DSC_2010bluebonnetminis-1935


Which photo is my favorite bluebonnet photo from this year, you ask? Well, *both* of my kids are in this one, and they are smiling too, so my admittedly biased opinion says this one:bluebonnetminis-9009

Kaylee’s Main Street Grapevine Senior Photos

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Wanna know a secret? Senior photos are some of my favorite photos to shoot! I just love portraying the personalities of the seniors I photograph, all of whom have been so vibrant and fun. Kaylee was no exception to this rule. It was so fun to walk down Main Street, Grapevine with Kaylee and her mom. I could go on and on about Kaylee– she is beautiful, fun, intelligent, kind, mature–I know she makes her family proud! Kaylee told me she will be serving a year of missionary work after graduating. I was not surprised to hear this–not only that she has a solid plan for the future, but that it involves giving to others. Congratulations, Kaylee!


kaylee1 kaylee-2449 kaylee-2471 kaylee-7160 kaylee-2479 kaylee-2498 kaylee-2514-2 kaylee-2528 kaylee-2557 kaylee-2543

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