Anna Catherine’s Senior Photos

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It was so fun getting to know Anna Catherine during her senior photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend. This girl is such a beauty, through and through. She is kind, smart, sweet, and passionate about helping others. In addition to being involved in many clubs and playing volleyball, she is also active in her church youth group, and looking forward to their annual mission trip this summer. She is so gorgeous and joyful, I seriously do not think I could take a bad photo of this girl! And those curls are #hairgoals. Congrats, Anna Catherine! Your future looks bright!

annacatherine1 annacatherine-3768 annacatherine2 annacatherine-3785annacatherine-3789 annacatherine-3803 annacatherine-3812 annacatherine-3893 annacatherine8 annacatherine-3901 annacatherine-3921 annacatherine3 annacatherine-3986 annacatherine4 annacatherine5 annacatherine7 If you’re wondering where Anna Catherine got her good looks, here is your answer! Anna Catherine’s mom, Lisa, has such a kind and loving heart. A passer by who stopped and talked to us couldn’t believe these two weren’t sisters! annacatherine6

Kaylee’s Main Street Grapevine Senior Photos

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Wanna know a secret? Senior photos are some of my favorite photos to shoot! I just love portraying the personalities of the seniors I photograph, all of whom have been so vibrant and fun. Kaylee was no exception to this rule. It was so fun to walk down Main Street, Grapevine with Kaylee and her mom. I could go on and on about Kaylee– she is beautiful, fun, intelligent, kind, mature–I know she makes her family proud! Kaylee told me she will be serving a year of missionary work after graduating. I was not surprised to hear this–not only that she has a solid plan for the future, but that it involves giving to others. Congratulations, Kaylee!


kaylee1 kaylee-2449 kaylee-2471 kaylee-7160 kaylee-2479 kaylee-2498 kaylee-2514-2 kaylee-2528 kaylee-2557 kaylee-2543

Annie’s Senior Photos

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I really enjoyed my Saturday morning in Fort Worth with gorgeous sisters Annie and Mary. After gallivanting about the Stockyards where we shot Mary’s senior photos, we headed over to the Fort Worth Japanese Botanical Gardens to capture portraits of beautiful Annie. I loved Annie’s choice for location. The peaceful and poetic verdure of the gardens fit perfectly with Annie’s exquisite beauty and tranquil personality. And her bright flowery dress was perfect against the greenery, evoking the brilliant colors of a Koi fish. Annie’s serene and poised character will serve her well with her studies at U.D. in the fall. Congratulations, Annie!

Annie-2223 annie1 Annie-2226 Annie-2258 annie2 Annie-2286 Annie-2312 annie3 Annie-2349 Annie-2361 Annie-2370 Annie-2378


…And with their lovely mother in mind, I snapped a couple of both gorgeous girls!


Mary’s Senior Photos

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I had such a blast with Mary and her sister Annie during our Fort Worth senior photo shoot last weekend! First up was Mary at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Mary’s choice of location was perfect for her since she’s planning on going to school for ranching. This cowgirl was gorgeous against the vintage backdrops of the stockyards. I was really impressed with how mature Mary was. She has a good head on her shoulders and I can tell she’s ready to take life by the horns! Congratulations, Mary!

Next up–Annie’s photos at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!

Mary-6190 Mary1 Mary-2007 Mary-2067 Mary-2081 Mary-6215 Mary-2148 Mary2 Mary3 Mary-2177

Nicho’s Whataburger Senior Photos

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I gotta hand it to Nicho, senior photos at Whataburger, what an awesome idea!  I had so much fun incorporating this classic Texas restaurant into our senior photo shoot. The staff even came out to congratulate Nicho on his upcoming graduation! Nicho is an Eagle scout and loves to play soccer. He was so polite, kind and fun to work with! Congratulations, Nicho, I know you will do great things! #GodBlessTexas

Nicho3 Nicho2 Nicho6 Nicho4 Nicho5 nicho-4683 Nicho7

Clare’s Senior Photos

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The lovely, vibrant Clare is graduating on Saturday! I met her and her mother last night for senior photos. It has been raining and storming for weeks now, so we jumped at the chance to take advantage of the sunny day yesterday. I had so much fun photographing Clare, and I just loved the outfits she picked out (gotta have those cowgirl boots!). Besides being impeccably fashionable, I found out that Clare is also quite sporty. She played basketball, volleyball and softball during her high school years. Congratulations, Clare, your future looks bright!

claresenior1 Claresenior-1877 Claresenior-1890 Claresenior-1914 Claresenior-1930 claresenior3 Claresenior-1979 Claresenior-2004 Claresenior-2054 claresenior5 Claresenior-2098