Grapevine Gals

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What better way to commemorate a best friend’s visit than a photo shoot in a historic Texas downtown? Susannah’s best friend Andrea is visiting from Michigan, and she thought it would be a fun idea to take some pics in downtown Grapevine. Main street was closed for preparations for a festival, but Susannah negotiated our way in and we got the VIP treatment! These girls were such fun models! They were pros at posing, and best of all, just had a good time! ¬†Awesome models, exclusive location and a fun day on the town–it was a photographer’s dream!¬†I got to take pictures of Susannah’s daughter’s Baptism earlier this year, and I love working with this awesome, beauitful, mama! Don’t forget to visit her blog, and let her know if you liked the pictures!

GrapevineGals-1583 GrapevineGals2 GrapevineGals1 GrapevineGals-1747 GrapevineGals3GrapevineGals-1826 GrapevineGals-1845GrapevineGals-1721GrapevineGals-1772