Clare Takes Dallas by Storm

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I was so lucky to have my sister Clare visit last week! Not only was Clare great company, but she cooked, cleaned, organized my entire apartment, and took care of Ria. Understandably, when her plane flight out of here drew near, I was ready to lock her in the back room. Unfortunately my conscience got the better of me and I let her leave me to my old responsibilities. But before she left, we went out to downtown Dallas for a photo shoot! We had a great time stolling around the Dallas Museum of Art and Kylde Warren Park. Take a look at these photos and you will understand why Clare has been dubbed by me and my sisters “the pretty one”. ┬áNow if only I could convince her to move here….ClareDallas1 ClareDallas-2204 ClareDallas3 ClareDallas2xClareDallas5ClareDallas-9050 ClareDallas-2250 ClareDallas4 ClareDallas-2340 ClareDallas-2346