Perfect Harmony

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I met this wonderful family at their home last weekend. This is a musical group–every child has learned either piano or violin. Max is graduating high school this year so his mom, Zoe, asked for some special pictures of him and his littlest brother, Damian. These two blue-eyed brothers have always had a special connection, and they melted my heart with their sweetness! Zoe told me that Max will often help Damian play piano, so of course we had to get some shots of that! I had mom jump in for a few shots as well, and I love the one of the three of them below!

familys-0095 familys-0185 familys-0220 familys-2 familys-0414 familys-0328 familys-0386 familys-0363

Baby Samuel

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This is baby Samuel, his beautiful mother, Mercedes, his loving father, Stephen, and his sweet older sister, Josie. Taking pictures of this sweet little boy and his family left me with a melted, puddle heart and an intense case of baby fever! Here are some of my favorite of this little guy!

babys-9613 babys5 babys-9469 babys-9556 babys-0056 babys1 babys-0060 babys2 babys-0043 babys-0066

Family of Eight – One Year Later!

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Andrew and Megan and their six wonderful children are very near and dear to me. I did their family photos one year ago at the same park, and it has been so cool to compare the pictures and see not only how much I have grown as a photographer, but how much these kids have grown! In fact, looking at these pictures, I don’t think “kids” is the right word to use for the older siblings! Meanwhile, Andrew and Megan don’t look a day older (fountain of youth, anybody?) I love these guys to pieces. It was hard to pick a few favorites, but here they are. As usual, I love to hear your thoughts!

sfamily-8901 sfamily-8964 sfamily-8971 sfamily-9006 sfamily-8934 sfamily-9049 sfamily-3 sfamily-9128 sfamily-9133 sfamily-9336 sfamily-1 sfamily-9275 sfamily-9439 sfamily-9367nn

Family Photos at Bear Creek Park

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Doug, Tricia, and their beautiful family were so great to hang out with and photograph last weekend. We met at Bear Creek Park, which is lovely this time of year, completed with verdant tree, walking paths, and a folf course. There is so much love in this family! I could tell by the way the older kids looked out for the younger ones, the way dad helped his boys climb a tree that we came upon, and Doug and Tricia’s demeanor when together. They even recreated a pose from their wedding for one of the pictures–how sweet is that? The little boys were eager to climb trees and bridge rails, and explore the woods, but were also great about posing for the pictures. I had a lovely time, and I’m glad to have met this family!

pfamily-8623 pfamily1 pfamily4 pfamily-8844 pfamily5 pfamily2 pfamily-8781

Good Ol’ Texas Family Photos

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I met this family at Centennial Park on a beautiful Texas evening last week. We started by taking some photos next to an old cabin at the park. They were going for a Texas cowboy feel, and I think they nailed it with their matching jean jackets, red shirts and cowboy boots! These guys are so much fun! Jamie Sue and Michael are a great match–Jamie’s friendliness and enthusiasm is perfectly balanced by Michael’s serenity and composure. The kids are very spirited, as you can tell by some of these photos! They were great about smiling for the camera and staying in position, but also more than ready to cut loose the minute I gave them permission! Check out this awesome bunch, y’all!   familym-7959 familym-8065 familym-8273 familym-1 familym-8158 familym-8334 familym-8343 familym-2 familym-8424 familym-8448 familym-8090 familym-8121 familym-7986

Wyatt: One Year Old! Family Photos at the Dallas Arboretum

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I met Wyatt, Marika and Nick on an autumnal day at the Dallas Arboretum. It was so great to take photos of this sweet family! Wyatt was so cute playing in the pumpkin patch! Marika and Nick were totally cool and fun to hang out with. Marika works at a parks and rec. department(yes, she is a fan of the TV show–she told me it is more true to life than you might think!) Nick is an archaeologist! How cool is that? I asked him what interesting artifacts he has found, and he told me that he once excavated ancient arrowheads. Towards the end of the session, Wyatt was starting to get a little done-with-it all, but then his grandparents showed up, and he brightened up really fast! It was so sweet! Below are a few of the highlights from the day. I hope you like them!

familyc-7077 familyc-1 familyc-7122 familyc-7220 familyc-2 familyc-7411

Thomas is 6 Months Old!

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Thomas is 6 months old, and his parents thought it would be a good time to take some photos of this cutie along with some family pictures! Thomas is such a sweetie pie. I love his red hair! His mom came prepared with baby blankets and some of his favorite books, which amped the cuteness factor up even more! I had a great time with these guys. Nathanael and Geralyn are so cool. When I met them at Centennial Park, we realized that we had met before at a party! It’s such a small world around here! I just love the photos we got, and I hope you do too!

familyr-6397 familyr-6402 familyr-6454 familyr-6498 familyr-6704 familyr-5 familyr-3 familyr-6familyr-6630

All Four One and One Four All

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You may have read the title of this post and thought “Katie needs a grammar lesson”. Actually, the reasons for my apparent misspelling are 1. I am incredibly clever (ok, ok, corny), and 2. the two cutie pies of this family, Evie and Liam just turned four and one, respectively. I got to hang out with these two and their wonderful parents, Shannon and Brendan last weekend at River Legacy Park. This is such a cool family. Evie cracks me up with her funny expressions and I LOVE her curls. Liam was walking all over the place, and Shannon told me he doesn’t like to hold anyone’s hand while walking. Such an independent little man! Shannon and Brendan were so easygoing. I love how relaxed and joyful they are while keeping up with their rambunctious children. Below are some of my favorites from the day. Let me know which one you like best!

 familyf-6147familyf-6224familyf-4 familyf-3 familyf-2 familyf-6191

Family Photos at Fritz Park

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I took photos of this fun bunch at Fritz Park this past weekend. I gotta hand it to them, they did a great job picking their outfits! The mom, Mary, told me she first chose an outfit for Mary Claire (the cutie in the flower dress), and then based everyone else’s outfits around that! I just love a family with a lot of kids. Three girls and three boys–how sweet is that? I also love the re-occurrence of red heads in this group! Enjoy some of my favorites from the day below!

familym-5468 familym-5552 familym-5615 familym-5662 familym-1 familym-2 familym-5634familym-5412

Joey’s First Birthday — a Family Affair

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Joey has turned one-year-old, and to commemorate, we snapped some picture of this adorable little guy and his family-mom, dad, grandpa and grandma! Inez and Dave are such an awesome couple–and cute to boot! Joey’s grandparents, Rafael and Mary, live in southern Texas, and came up to visit for the weekend. Joey is their first grandchild, and it was so awesome to see them playing with him. There is so much love in this family!

I had so much fun with everyone. The whole family was so laid back, and constantly laughing, smiling and joking. One of my favorite moments was when Mary, trying to get Joey to look for a picture, started quacking and flapping her arms. Inez was turned away for the picture, and lamented that she didn’t get to see her mom acting so hilarious. I was sorry I didn’t snap a picture for her! familyh-5223 familyh5 familyh-5236 familyh7 familyh-5111 familyh4 familyh3familyh6familyh2familyh-4756 familyh1 familyh-4977 familyh-5133 familyh-5121 familyh-5266familyh-5195