Family of Six

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I am up to my ears in editing today but I wanted to take a minute to share these photos from last Saturday. I met this family this summer when I took newborn photos of their sweet little girl. It was so fun to see how she has grown since then, and it melted my heart to see the three older siblings fawning over their little sister. This whole family is just so sweet, loving and lively! I loved hanging out with them!

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A Family Visit

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I had so much fun at the park the other day with these two gorgeous sisters and two adorable kids! Elena’s sister Andrea was visiting from Ecuador, so they decided to have some photos done to commemorate their time together! We all enjoyed the pleasant morning at Centennial Park (not too hot and with a nice little breeze — not bad for August in Texas!).  I can’t get over how stunning these two sisters are and I was positively charmed by Elena’s two sweet children. They sure were cute playing with their aunt! It was clear that everyone enjoyed the visit!

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Family of Six – Centennial Park

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I just loved photographing this adorable family at Centennial Park. The autumn colors are just glorious this time of year! The four children in this family are such cuties! All of them are five years and under, so this was definitely a lively and fun bunch! I leave you with some of my favorite photos from the day below!

familyo-0814 familyo-0765 familyo-0865 familyo-0916 familyo-0932 familyo-1 familyo-2 familyo-1121 familyo-1016

A Terrific Trio

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These guys are just the best! Judiann, James and Damian are good friends of ours and I had such a good time taking these photos of them. Damian is so stinkin’ cute. I just love his knowing stares with just a hint of a smile. He and my little girl, Ria, are good friends. The day they met, Damian repeatedly hugged Ria while she treated him like a fly she was trying to shoo away, so, yeah, good friends. Judiann is kind and sweet. James is clever and hilarious. Both are kind of crazy(in a good way) and so much fun! They both went to a great books college in Wyoming (you’ll never guess which one) that kicks off with a three week backpacking trip (As a weak-sauce Montanan, I am impressed!) Here are some of my favorites of this awesome family!

familyd-1177familyd-2 familyd-1221 familyd-1283 familyd-1380 familyd-1

Family of Eight – One Year Later!

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Andrew and Megan and their six wonderful children are very near and dear to me. I did their family photos one year ago at the same park, and it has been so cool to compare the pictures and see not only how much I have grown as a photographer, but how much these kids have grown! In fact, looking at these pictures, I don’t think “kids” is the right word to use for the older siblings! Meanwhile, Andrew and Megan don’t look a day older (fountain of youth, anybody?) I love these guys to pieces. It was hard to pick a few favorites, but here they are. As usual, I love to hear your thoughts!

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Good Ol’ Texas Family Photos

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I met this family at Centennial Park on a beautiful Texas evening last week. We started by taking some photos next to an old cabin at the park. They were going for a Texas cowboy feel, and I think they nailed it with their matching jean jackets, red shirts and cowboy boots! These guys are so much fun! Jamie Sue and Michael are a great match–Jamie’s friendliness and enthusiasm is perfectly balanced by Michael’s serenity and composure. The kids are very spirited, as you can tell by some of these photos! They were great about smiling for the camera and staying in position, but also more than ready to cut loose the minute I gave them permission! Check out this awesome bunch, y’all!   familym-7959 familym-8065 familym-8273 familym-1 familym-8158 familym-8334 familym-8343 familym-2 familym-8424 familym-8448 familym-8090 familym-8121 familym-7986

Thomas is 6 Months Old!

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Thomas is 6 months old, and his parents thought it would be a good time to take some photos of this cutie along with some family pictures! Thomas is such a sweetie pie. I love his red hair! His mom came prepared with baby blankets and some of his favorite books, which amped the cuteness factor up even more! I had a great time with these guys. Nathanael and Geralyn are so cool. When I met them at Centennial Park, we realized that we had met before at a party! It’s such a small world around here! I just love the photos we got, and I hope you do too!

familyr-6397 familyr-6402 familyr-6454 familyr-6498 familyr-6704 familyr-5 familyr-3 familyr-6familyr-6630

A Fun Family Portrait Session

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I had such a blast photographing a fun and loving family this weekend. The kids were so boisterous and full of energy. The three girls are as sweet as can be, and were always ready to turn up the charm for the camera. The older boys knew how to keep it cool. The little dude didn’t see why he shouldn’t just run right up to the camera and steal the show! Mom and Dad handled the whole bunch like pros. They should certainly be proud to be nurturing such a loving, wonderful family. You can check out the beautiful mother’s blog, in which she shares her thoughts on life in Texas and the antics of her spirited family here.