One Year Old Bluebonnet Session

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I just love spring in Texas–the cool temperatures, verdant greens, and best of all, the wildflowers! When a sweet little boy has a birthday this time of year, bluebonnet photos are a must! Thomas just turned one. Last time I photographed this family, he was six months old. It is so awesome to see how much he’s grown! He’s walking now, and watching him tottering around losing his balance and tumbling into the flowers– it was stinkin’ adorable. Another big difference is how striking the color of his hair has gotten–this little guy’s red head and the bright blue flowers made for an awesome color combination! Of course I can’t neglect to mention Nathanial and Geralyn. They are still as cool as ever, and it’s always a pleasure to hang out with them! The night we took these photos I got to relish another Texas experience — an intense, booming thunderstorm! We finished up before it started coming down, but I think you can see some ominous purple tones in the sky in some of these pictures. Like Texas in the spring, this family is pleasant and bright, and a lot of fun!

rheabluebonnets-8982 rheabluebonnets-9073 rheabluebonnets-1 rheabluebonnets-2 rheabluebonnets-9019 rheabluebonnets-3 rheabluebonnets-9052 rheabluebonnets-8998 rheabluebonnets-9091

Baby Adelina

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Introducing Baby Adelina! I had the honor of photographing this sweet little girl at just 7 days old. Naturally, Mary Clare and Damian simply adore this beautiful girl. When the baby was getting tired, Damian stepped in to walk her around. Mary Clare told me that her husband often gets the baby to sleep this way. This time, however, Adelina rewarded him a little surprise of her own (one of the dangers of diaper-less newborn photos!). Both parents took it so well, and were totally cracking up as they cleaned up the areas of collateral damage. Seeing their good-humored reaction to the mishap, I can tell these two have what it takes to be great parents!
About a week after our newborn session, we met up for some bluebonnet photos, which I thought was an awesome idea! What better way to commemorate the time of year that this beautiful girl was born? Congratulations, Damian and Mary Clare! You will be wonderful parents!

babyk-8807 babyk3 babyk-8711babyk2 babyk5 babyk-8835 babyk6 babyk7 babyk-8889 babyk-8929 babyk-8935 babyk1 babyk4 babyk-8949

Winter Day Family Photos

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I met this adorable family on a December morning for some family Christmas photos. Stephen, Mary, and their three boys brightened the day with their beautiful smiles and personalities. Mary told me that she loves the way the trees look without the leaves, and I have to agree that this Texas winter day, though chilly and gray, has a serene beauty. The two oldest boys did not have any trouble keeping warm since they were running all over the place. Meanwhile, the baby was so calm and sweet the entire time. I enjoyed spending time with this fun gang while capturing these pictures!

familyk-4716 familyk-2 familyk-1 familyk-4757 familyk-4770 familyk-4681 familyk-3 familyk-4898

Christmas Family Fun

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Happy New Year! Though December is gone, today is the eighth day or Christmas, so I’m sharing some Holiday Family Fun photos! I always have such a great time photographing this family!  This time, we met in their backyard. Joy, whose name is quite fitting for this occasion, had the idea of incorporating the family fort into the pictures, which I thought was an awesome idea! Here are the festive photos!

familym-2 familym-4385 familym-4259 familym-4285 familym-3 familym-4466familym-4

Family Photos at Rochelle Park

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I got to take pictures of yet another awesome family at Rochelle Park. This family is great, and I just love their purple color scheme! The kiddos were the best – sweet Adam, sassy Siena and cutie pie extraordinaire, Emma. Anna and Joe are such a cool couple, and have so much love for their children. Here are my favorite pictures of this cute bunch!

familyb-2919 familyb-2923 familyb-2 familyb-3145 familyb-1 familyb-3064 familyb-3006 familyb-2968 familyb-2957 familyb-3033

Family of Three with a Baby on the Way

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I got to take pictures of this cute bunch last week. Kate, Ray and Ray-mo are awaiting the arrival of baby Gia, and with Christmas around the corner, it was a great time for some family/maternity pictures! Kate and Ray are such a cute couple, and Ray-mo is quite a rambunctious three years old! Also, I love the blue and gray color scheme they picked for their outfits. Is this a sweet family, or what?

familyb-2833familyb-2635 familyb-4 familyb-2653 familyb-3 familyb-2753 familyb-2734 familyb-2859

Family of Six – Centennial Park

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I just loved photographing this adorable family at Centennial Park. The autumn colors are just glorious this time of year! The four children in this family are such cuties! All of them are five years and under, so this was definitely a lively and fun bunch! I leave you with some of my favorite photos from the day below!

familyo-0814 familyo-0765 familyo-0865 familyo-0916 familyo-0932 familyo-1 familyo-2 familyo-1121 familyo-1016

A Terrific Trio

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These guys are just the best! Judiann, James and Damian are good friends of ours and I had such a good time taking these photos of them. Damian is so stinkin’ cute. I just love his knowing stares with just a hint of a smile. He and my little girl, Ria, are good friends. The day they met, Damian repeatedly hugged Ria while she treated him like a fly she was trying to shoo away, so, yeah, good friends. Judiann is kind and sweet. James is clever and hilarious. Both are kind of crazy(in a good way) and so much fun! They both went to a great books college in Wyoming (you’ll never guess which one) that kicks off with a three week backpacking trip (As a weak-sauce Montanan, I am impressed!) Here are some of my favorites of this awesome family!

familyd-1177familyd-2 familyd-1221 familyd-1283 familyd-1380 familyd-1

Classy Family Photos at Lakeside Park

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I had the opportunity of photographing a lovely family last weekend. Rebecca and Joe have five gorgeous daughters and a handsome young son. I was reminded a lot of my own family, since the first five children are also all girls. This classy group was perfectly complimented by their elegant black and white attire and the beautiful backdrop of Lakeside Park in all of it’s autumnal glory. Gotta love this time of year!

familyp-0527familyp-0658 familyp-0611familyp-0548 familyp-0641 familyp-0689 familyp-1 familyp-0589

Journey – One Year Later

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It was so awesome to meet up with Christina, Patrick and Journey one year later and see how this family has grown! Not only is Journey looking like such a little girl now, but Christina is expecting again! Journey is such a cutie pie. I recognized the same mischievous and sweet attitude that I experienced last time I met up with her and her parents, but now she is no longer a baby! She has learned so many words, many of which were Mandarin! I was impressed! Christina and Patrick, you have an awesome little girl there. I can’t wait to meet the next baby!

familyb-9709 familyb-9631 familyb-1 familyb-9761 familyb-9664