Anna Catherine’s Senior Photos

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It was so fun getting to know Anna Catherine during her senior photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend. This girl is such a beauty, through and through. She is kind, smart, sweet, and passionate about helping others. In addition to being involved in many clubs and playing volleyball, she is also active in her church youth group, and looking forward to their annual mission trip this summer. She is so gorgeous and joyful, I seriously do not think I could take a bad photo of this girl! And those curls are #hairgoals. Congrats, Anna Catherine! Your future looks bright!

annacatherine1 annacatherine-3768 annacatherine2 annacatherine-3785annacatherine-3789 annacatherine-3803 annacatherine-3812 annacatherine-3893 annacatherine8 annacatherine-3901 annacatherine-3921 annacatherine3 annacatherine-3986 annacatherine4 annacatherine5 annacatherine7 If you’re wondering where Anna Catherine got her good looks, here is your answer! Anna Catherine’s mom, Lisa, has such a kind and loving heart. A passer by who stopped and talked to us couldn’t believe these two weren’t sisters! annacatherine6

Wyatt: One Year Old! Family Photos at the Dallas Arboretum

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I met Wyatt, Marika and Nick on an autumnal day at the Dallas Arboretum. It was so great to take photos of this sweet family! Wyatt was so cute playing in the pumpkin patch! Marika and Nick were totally cool and fun to hang out with. Marika works at a parks and rec. department(yes, she is a fan of the TV show–she told me it is more true to life than you might think!) Nick is an archaeologist! How cool is that? I asked him what interesting artifacts he has found, and he told me that he once excavated ancient arrowheads. Towards the end of the session, Wyatt was starting to get a little done-with-it all, but then his grandparents showed up, and he brightened up really fast! It was so sweet! Below are a few of the highlights from the day. I hope you like them!

familyc-7077 familyc-1 familyc-7122 familyc-7220 familyc-2 familyc-7411

Family Photos at the Dallas Arboretum

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The Dallas Arboretum is beautiful this time of year. It was the perfect setting for some family photos of Tom, Margaret, Annie and Tommy. This family is great! I know Margaret from my moms’ group. She is so down to earth, and makes me laugh with her astute comments and hint of sarcasm. Tom is a sturdy, loving father and husband. Annie has an adventurous spark, and she allowed me to follow her as she ventured about (ok, I think she was a little weirded out by the crazy lady following her with the camera, which is probably an appropriate reaction). Tommy is so bright and cheerful. He was one of the most compliant babies I have ever photographed. All I had to do was call his name, and he would turn his head and beam at me! After taking in some of the gardens, we made our way to the huge seasonal pumpkin display, where Annie loved exploring and picking up the pumpkins. After that, I snapped a few photos of Tommy in his Baptismal gown. All in all, it was a great day at the Arboretum with a magnificent family! Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

familyi1familyi-2 familyi-3618 familyi-3444 familyi-2 familyi2 familyi3 familyi-3764 familyi-3897 familyi-2-2