All Four One and One Four All

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You may have read the title of this post and thought “Katie needs a grammar lesson”. Actually, the reasons for my apparent misspelling are 1. I am incredibly clever (ok, ok, corny), and 2. the two cutie pies of this family, Evie and Liam just turned four and one, respectively. I got to hang out with these two and their wonderful parents, Shannon and Brendan last weekend at River Legacy Park. This is such a cool family. Evie cracks me up with her funny expressions and I LOVE her curls. Liam was walking all over the place, and Shannon told me he doesn’t like to hold anyone’s hand while walking. Such an independent little man! Shannon and Brendan were so easygoing. I love how relaxed and joyful they are while keeping up with their rambunctious children. Below are some of my favorites from the day. Let me know which one you like best!

 familyf-6147familyf-6224familyf-4 familyf-3 familyf-2 familyf-6191

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  1. Shannon Flannery

    I love them all, and can’t wait to see the rest! The one where Evie is trying to escape is definitely one of my favorites!

  2. Donna Smillie

    cute! I love the one with the two kids on the picnic blanket. such a precious family!

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