Winter Day Family Photos

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I met this adorable family on a December morning for some family Christmas photos. Stephen, Mary, and their three boys brightened the day with their beautiful smiles and personalities. Mary told me that she loves the way the trees look without the leaves, and I have to agree that this Texas winter day, though chilly and gray, has a serene beauty. The two oldest boys did not have any trouble keeping warm since they were running all over the place. Meanwhile, the baby was so calm and sweet the entire time. I enjoyed spending time with this fun gang while capturing these pictures!

familyk-4716 familyk-2 familyk-1 familyk-4757 familyk-4770 familyk-4681 familyk-3 familyk-4898

Family Photos at Fritz Park

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I took photos of this fun bunch at Fritz Park this past weekend. I gotta hand it to them, they did a great job picking their outfits! The mom, Mary, told me she first chose an outfit for Mary Claire (the cutie in the flower dress), and then based everyone else’s outfits around that! I just love a family with a lot of kids. Three girls and three boys–how sweet is that? I also love the re-occurrence of red heads in this group! Enjoy some of my favorites from the day below!

familym-5468 familym-5552 familym-5615 familym-5662 familym-1 familym-2 familym-5634familym-5412

Welcoming a New Baby Girl

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Saturday morning I met Tanya, Dave, William and the new addition to their family, a beautiful baby girl named Ellie, at Fritz Park. I loved capturing images of this beautiful family and their newest bundle of joy. During a feeding break for Ellie, while father and son were off playing, Tanya remarked on what a good father Dave is, and how seeing that quality in him was how she knew she had found the one. She then shared with me the story of how she met David and some of the details of their wedding. And here they are, two kids later! It’s awesome to see such a loving family welcoming a new baby. Congratulations to Tanya, Dave and your family!

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