Joey’s First Birthday — a Family Affair

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Joey has turned one-year-old, and to commemorate, we snapped some picture of this adorable little guy and his family-mom, dad, grandpa and grandma! Inez and Dave are such an awesome couple–and cute to boot! Joey’s grandparents, Rafael and Mary, live in southern Texas, and came up to visit for the weekend. Joey is their first grandchild, and it was so awesome to see them playing with him. There is so much love in this family!

I had so much fun with everyone. The whole family was so laid back, and constantly laughing, smiling and joking. One of my favorite moments was when Mary, trying to get Joey to look for a picture, started quacking and flapping her arms. Inez was turned away for the picture, and lamented that she didn’t get to see her mom acting so hilarious. I was sorry I didn’t snap a picture for her! familyh-5223 familyh5 familyh-5236 familyh7 familyh-5111 familyh4 familyh3familyh6familyh2familyh-4756 familyh1 familyh-4977 familyh-5133 familyh-5121 familyh-5266familyh-5195

  1. Inez

    These are just so beautiful!! They are beyond amazing Katie!! Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful moments with my family!! I love your work and can’t wait for the future photo shoots to come ;D

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