Good Ol’ Texas Family Photos

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I met this family at Centennial Park on a beautiful Texas evening last week. We started by taking some photos next to an old cabin at the park. They were going for a Texas cowboy feel, and I think they nailed it with their matching jean jackets, red shirts and cowboy boots! These guys are so much fun! Jamie Sue and Michael are a great match–Jamie’s friendliness and enthusiasm is perfectly balanced by Michael’s serenity and composure. The kids are very spirited, as you can tell by some of these photos! They were great about smiling for the camera and staying in position, but also more than ready to cut loose the minute I gave them permission! Check out this awesome bunch, y’all!   familym-7959 familym-8065 familym-8273 familym-1 familym-8158 familym-8334 familym-8343 familym-2 familym-8424 familym-8448 familym-8090 familym-8121 familym-7986

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