Easter Bluebonnets

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This is my first spring in Texas, and my first experience of the bluebonnets! Spring is quickly turning out to be my favorite Texas season.

The bluebonnets are just in time for Easter pictures. I met Travis, Tricia and Edmund in a azure speckled field. Edmund is one happy baby. He always greats me with a huge, open mouthed, toothless smile that often has just a hint of cheesiness. Actually it looks something like this:


Travis and Tricia are such chill parents. Tricia is absolutely hilarious. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, and her brutal honesty about everything (herself included) cracks me up. Check out her blog here.






Such an awesome family!


Then There Were Four

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I was so blessed on Saturday to take pictures of Theresa, Will and Cecelia as they get ready to welcome baby number two into their family. As Irving begins to blossom with the beauty of spring, a canal at sunrise seems like the perfect time and place to celebrate new life. Cecelia is an audacious explorer–she was constantly picking up rocks, pointing at the wildlife and trying to slip away from the photo session to find adventure. I have a feeling the new little one is going to be an early crawler trying to keep up with big sis!

Will and Theresa are waiting to find out the gender of the new baby (I commend their patience!). So what’s your guess, boy or girl?


Mercy & Josi

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Look at these cute gals! I love taking pics of this spunky mother-daughter combo. Josi is constantly on the move. As Mercy put it, take care of this baby for a week and you’ll drop ten pounds. Josi may be rambunctious, but Mercy can keep up and then some. These two are a force to be reckoned with!

Irving is iced in right now, so I hope these pictures serve as a reminder of the beauty of autumn. It feels like I was soaking in the warm sun just yesterday (probably because I was, on Wednesday!). Next up, an ice and snow photo shoot. How bout it, Mercy?




Dana & Eric & Baby Makes Three!

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Dana and Eric are hands down the most adorable couple I know, so I am expecting this baby to be pretty darn cute! We were driving through Dallas last month looking for a good place to take a few pictures and came upon this nice little park in the middle of the city, so we pulled over and plopped my baby into the umbrella stroller. Eric was nice enough to push while I dragged them all over the park!

These two are going to make such great parents. Dana has always been sweet and caring, while not taking baloney from anyone. Eric is kind, loyal, and a solid guy. This is one lucky baby on the way!


A Warm December Family Photo Shoot

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I can’t believe it’s December! Back in Montana, I would be in snow up to my knees about now. Instead, I got to enjoy the warm weather and turning leaves during a family photo shoot this past Sunday.

I had such a great time taking pictures of this family. They were fun, down to earth, and had lots of great picture ideas! Their cousin came along so we could get a few grandchildren pictures for grandma. Lucky for me, she was also a great helper!

familyk7familyk5familyk6kfamily1It’s clear who daughter gets her pretty eyes from. familyk-6815The boys!familyk8kfamily4The dog-pile was their idea. I love it! kfamily2

Baby Ivan

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Here are some pictures of sweet baby Ivan and his radiant mom! Sada says Ivan seems to sleep well around me; it must be my calming presence! More likely, Ivan’s serene demeanor is a result of knowing that his poised, loving mom is always there for him. These two are so precious!



Another Fantastic Family

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How cute is this family? Seven beautiful children, all under twelve, makes for a family teeming with vitality, heart and warmth.

familymweb (6)familymweb (7)


The lovely ladies of the family. Twins! With red hair! How awesome is that?

familymweb (9)

We’ve got some football players here! So much energy in this family! I love it!

familymweb (8)familym3web

Cowboy boots!  mfamily-4013

The baby’s expressions are the best!

Mom and dad make quite the dynamic duo! mfamily-4165-2mfamily-4148familymweb (2)familymcollagebwweb



A Fun Family Portrait Session

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I had such a blast photographing a fun and loving family this weekend. The kids were so boisterous and full of energy. The three girls are as sweet as can be, and were always ready to turn up the charm for the camera. The older boys knew how to keep it cool. The little dude didn’t see why he shouldn’t just run right up to the camera and steal the show! Mom and Dad handled the whole bunch like pros. They should certainly be proud to be nurturing such a loving, wonderful family. You can check out the beautiful mother’s blog, in which she shares her thoughts on life in Texas and the antics of her spirited family here.