Anna Catherine’s Senior Photos

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It was so fun getting to know Anna Catherine during her senior photo shoot at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend. This girl is such a beauty, through and through. She is kind, smart, sweet, and passionate about helping others. In addition to being involved in many clubs and playing volleyball, she is also active in her church youth group, and looking forward to their annual mission trip this summer. She is so gorgeous and joyful, I seriously do not think I could take a bad photo of this girl! And those curls are #hairgoals. Congrats, Anna Catherine! Your future looks bright!

annacatherine1 annacatherine-3768 annacatherine2 annacatherine-3785annacatherine-3789 annacatherine-3803 annacatherine-3812 annacatherine-3893 annacatherine8 annacatherine-3901 annacatherine-3921 annacatherine3 annacatherine-3986 annacatherine4 annacatherine5 annacatherine7 If you’re wondering where Anna Catherine got her good looks, here is your answer! Anna Catherine’s mom, Lisa, has such a kind and loving heart. A passer by who stopped and talked to us couldn’t believe these two weren’t sisters! annacatherine6

Kaylee’s Main Street Grapevine Senior Photos

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Wanna know a secret? Senior photos are some of my favorite photos to shoot! I just love portraying the personalities of the seniors I photograph, all of whom have been so vibrant and fun. Kaylee was no exception to this rule. It was so fun to walk down Main Street, Grapevine with Kaylee and her mom. I could go on and on about Kaylee– she is beautiful, fun, intelligent, kind, mature–I know she makes her family proud! Kaylee told me she will be serving a year of missionary work after graduating. I was not surprised to hear this–not only that she has a solid plan for the future, but that it involves giving to others. Congratulations, Kaylee!


kaylee1 kaylee-2449 kaylee-2471 kaylee-7160 kaylee-2479 kaylee-2498 kaylee-2514-2 kaylee-2528 kaylee-2557 kaylee-2543

2017 Bluebonnet Minis

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2017 Bluebonnet mini sessions are here! This year, the mini session will take place in Irving, Texas on Saturday, March 18th and Saturday, April 1st. Session are 25 minutes & 15 images for $90(tax included in price).

As always, you will receive the beautifully edited digital images via an online gallery and print rights are yours to print where you want to! Click the date and morning or evening of your preference to sign up!

If you cannot make it on either date, or if you are looking for a longer family session with more photos, I am offering my regular sessions during bluebonnet season as well! Contact me to book a family, senior, engagement, maternity or newborn session on a date that is convenient for you!

Current Sign-up Sheets

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Grapevine Family Photos

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One of the perks of my job is getting to meet so many great people, and this fall I have been lucky to get to spend some time with many awesome families! This family was really fun to photograph. The kids were so adorable–the littlest two were not sure of me at first, but before long they were giving me the sweetest smiles! Mom and Dad do a great job keeping up with these kiddos and matching their energy. What a wonderful family!

porres-4466 porres-4499 porres-4500 porres-4531 porres-4552 porres-44412 porres1 porres2 porres3 porres4 porres-4342 porres-4411

Family of Six

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I am up to my ears in editing today but I wanted to take a minute to share these photos from last Saturday. I met this family this summer when I took newborn photos of their sweet little girl. It was so fun to see how she has grown since then, and it melted my heart to see the three older siblings fawning over their little sister. This whole family is just so sweet, loving and lively! I loved hanging out with them!

bianchi-3404 bianchi-3380 bianchi-3436 bianchi-3586 bianchi-3452 bianchi-3480 bianchi-3443 bianchi-3440 bianchi2 bianchi1 bianchi-3626 bianchi-3631

Family of Four

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I have been taking photos of this family for a few years now, and I have to say, these are my favorite photos of them yet! It is so beautiful to see how this family has grown! Little Jack has always been so great at charming the camera, and he is becoming such a handsome little man! Ella is a little bundle of sunshine and smiles. The two of them together is a total cuteness overload! Meg and Matt are seriously owning this whole parenting thing, and looking great while they do it! What an awesome, adorable bunch!

woyak-0796 woyak-0814 woyak-3 woyak-0938 woyak-0805 woyak-0764 woyak-0773 woyak-1 woyak-2 woyak-0854 woyak-1065 woyak-0835

Family of Seven

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I got to take photos of the most adorable family last weekend. I’ve photographed this family before, and as I was saying hi to the kids, I thought to myself, “That’s funny, I don’t remember one of these little munchkins being there last time”. It hit me afterward–that’s because she was a baby last time! It’s so awesome to see how all the little ones have all grown! And there has been a new addition since I last saw this family – a beautiful baby girl! The kids are such a close knit group. The older ones watch out for the younger ones, and they all take turns making each other smile and laugh. While I was taking his individual shots, one of the little guys started to become unhappy. Without missing a beat, his little sis ran over and gave him a big hug. After that, he had the biggest smiles for me! Their parents take care of the bunch so well. And their mother is just radiant, isn’t she? I loved taking photos of this beautiful family!

ordonez-8838 ordonez-8920 ordonez-8872 ordonez-8952 ordonez-9003 ordonez-9141 ordonez-9060ordonez-1 ordonez-2 ordonez-9170

Lee & Kelly’s Engagement Photos

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Two middle school science teachers at a classical academy in Texas fall in love and get engaged. If this sounds too perfect to be true- it’s not! Not only are Kelly and Lee the most amazing couple, but they are also total science nerds! I love it! At one point they were both geeking out over a lizard they spotted! I really enjoyed hanging out with these two. They were so relaxed and natural around each other, and they are seriously two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They make such a perfect couple. Congratulations, Lee and Kelly!white1 white-3765 white-3790 white-3785 white3 white-3852 white2 white-3882 white-3907 white-3916 white-3928 white-3967 white-3978 white-3981 white-3941 white-3949 white-3997 white-4009 white-4026 white-4014white-4015  white-3992

Joseph & Amy’s Wedding

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Joseph and Amy’s wedding was simply beautiful. The day was filled with family, fun, and love. The nuptial mass at Mater Dei Latin parish was gorgeous. The reception that followed was a blast, including live music, delicious food and contra dancing. At the center of it all, Amy and Joseph radiated joy, their love for each other and for God. I was so blessed to capture their beautiful day. Amy and Joseph, I know you will have a wonderful marriage, always listening to God’s will in your lives. I wish you so many blessings!

gamez-0573gamez-0581gettingready1 gettingready2 gettingready3 gettingready4 gettingready6 gettingready7 gamez-0554 gamez-0587 gamez-0570 gamez-0556 gamez-1 gamez-0646 gamez-0650 Gamez-0774 gamez-5 Gamez-0773 gamez-0746 gamez-0737 gamez-3 Gamez-0781 Gamez-0788 Gamez-0796 gamez-2 gamez-4 Gamez-0762Gamez-0819Gamez-0824Gamez-0837Gamez-0841Gamez-0847Gamez-0859Gamez-5242Gamez-0861Gamez-0830Gamez-0832Gamez-0925Gamez-1Gamez-0951Gamez-0969Gamez-0973Gamez-0983Gamez-1049Gamez-1003Gamez-0991Gamez-1018Gamez-1050Gamez-1054Gamez-1036gamez3gamez8Veronica-0622Veronica-0637gamez4gamez-5328Veronica-0627gamez2Veronica-1259Veronica-1112Veronica-1097gamez-5259gamez-5268Veronica-0607gamez5gamez-1356gamez-1215gamez6gamez7gamez-1193gamez-1201gamez-1199gamez1gamez9gamez10gamez-1380gamez-5336gamez11gamez-1366gamez-1353gamez-1332gamez-1393gamez-1314gamez-1313gamez-1298gamez12gamez-5323gamez-1428gamez-1429gamez13gamez-1485gamez-1487gamez-1541gamez-1508gamez-1513gamez-