Grapevine Family Photos

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One of the perks of my job is getting to meet so many great people, and this fall I have been lucky to get to spend some time with many awesome families! This family was really fun to photograph. The kids were so adorable–the littlest two were not sure of me at first, but before long they were giving me the sweetest smiles! Mom and Dad do a great job keeping up with these kiddos and matching their energy. What a wonderful family!

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Family of Seven

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I got to take photos of the most adorable family last weekend. I’ve photographed this family before, and as I was saying hi to the kids, I thought to myself, “That’s funny, I don’t remember one of these little munchkins being there last time”. It hit me afterward–that’s because she was a baby last time! It’s so awesome to see how all the little ones have all grown! And there has been a new addition since I last saw this family – a beautiful baby girl! The kids are such a close knit group. The older ones watch out for the younger ones, and they all take turns making each other smile and laugh. While I was taking his individual shots, one of the little guys started to become unhappy. Without missing a beat, his little sis ran over and gave him a big hug. After that, he had the biggest smiles for me! Their parents take care of the bunch so well. And their mother is just radiant, isn’t she? I loved taking photos of this beautiful family!

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Lee & Kelly’s Engagement Photos

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Two middle school science teachers at a classical academy in Texas fall in love and get engaged. If this sounds too perfect to be true- it’s not! Not only are Kelly and Lee the most amazing couple, but they are also total science nerds! I love it! At one point they were both geeking out over a lizard they spotted! I really enjoyed hanging out with these two. They were so relaxed and natural around each other, and they are seriously two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They make such a perfect couple. Congratulations, Lee and Kelly!white1 white-3765 white-3790 white-3785 white3 white-3852 white2 white-3882 white-3907 white-3916 white-3928 white-3967 white-3978 white-3981 white-3941 white-3949 white-3997 white-4009 white-4026 white-4014white-4015  white-3992

Jack’s Second Birthday

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Jack is turning two this month! It was so great to spend time with him and his parents, Matt and Meg, the other evening. Jack has grown so much since his one-year old pictures I took last year. He is such a talker now! His favorite topic on this evening was the cookies that he was going to get for being such a good boy. One thing is the same as last year- he’s awesome at smiling for the camera! Jack gave 110 percent the whole time. It was so sweet to watch these three interacting. Jack loved to run and jump and play with mom and dad and was not stingy with giving hugs. This family is so sweet and so much fun!

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Another Baby on the Way!

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I met Kayla, Wyatt and William at the Grapevine botanical gardens Sunday evening for some family and maternity photos. These three are so adorable together, and Kayla is an absolutely stunning pregnant lady! We got to chatting, and I found out that like me they are transplants from the Northwest, hailing from Spokane, Washington! They have even been to my hometown of Helena, Montana before! So how do these three feel about living in Texas? They love it! Kayla and Wyatt said they especially enjoy being warm during the winter months, and we all agreed that we love the warm community here (see what I did there?). William was so well behaved and melting my heart with his cuteness. Kayla had warned me that he may not smile for the photos, but William exceeded expectations! He even made everyone else laugh (including me) when, spurred by all the talk of baby bellies, he pulled up his shirt and starting pointing to his own! Kayla and Wyatt are waiting to find out at birth whether they are having a boy or girl. I can deduce one thing for sure from the state of the rest of the family: this baby is going to be veritably charming!MaternityS1MaternityS-2bMaternityS-2 MaternityS3 MaternityS-0591b MaternityS-0981 MaternityS4 MaternityS2 MaternityS-0783 MaternityS-0759 MaternityS-0642MaternityS-0916 MaternityS-0812