John & Kelly’s Wedding

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I was so honored to be a part of John and Kelly’s wedding. What a beautiful day filled with so much love between family and friends! I first met this stunning bride in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been–her home country of Ireland. Kelly is the sister of a dear friend of mine who I was visiting and I couldn’t get over how warm, welcoming and charming their whole family was. Of course I jumped at the chance to photograph Kelly’s wedding. Kelly and John’s wedding took place in a much different, but also very beautiful place: Phoenix, Arizona. John’s family were such gracious hosts–it’s no wonder that both families got along so well! Kelly and John were introduced by a mutual friend, Fr. Scott, who informed John about twelve time “This is Kelly, she’s from Ireland”. The two could not stop thinking about each other since that day, and the rest is history. John and Kelly are both such loving, kind and generous people. During their vows, they held a small crucifix as a symbol of the sacrificial love of marriage. What a beautiful witnesses to power of the sacrament of marriage. To borrow a line from the father of the bride’s moving speech, they are “the real deal”. What a wonderful couple, and what an amazing day! Congratulations, you two!

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