Then There Were Four

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I was so blessed on Saturday to take pictures of Theresa, Will and Cecelia as they get ready to welcome baby number two into their family. As Irving begins to blossom with the beauty of spring, a canal at sunrise seems like the perfect time and place to celebrate new life. Cecelia is an audacious explorer–she was constantly picking up rocks, pointing at the wildlife and trying to slip away from the photo session to find adventure. I have a feeling the new little one is going to be an early crawler trying to keep up with big sis!

Will and Theresa are waiting to find out the gender of the new baby (I commend their patience!). So what’s your guess, boy or girl?


Another Fantastic Family

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How cute is this family? Seven beautiful children, all under twelve, makes for a family teeming with vitality, heart and warmth.

familymweb (6)familymweb (7)


The lovely ladies of the family. Twins! With red hair! How awesome is that?

familymweb (9)

We’ve got some football players here! So much energy in this family! I love it!

familymweb (8)familym3web

Cowboy boots!  mfamily-4013

The baby’s expressions are the best!

Mom and dad make quite the dynamic duo! mfamily-4165-2mfamily-4148familymweb (2)familymcollagebwweb