Family of Eight – One Year Later!

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Andrew and Megan and their six wonderful children are very near and dear to me. I did their family photos one year ago at the same park, and it has been so cool to compare the pictures and see not only how much I have grown as a photographer, but how much these kids have grown! In fact, looking at these pictures, I don’t think “kids” is the right word to use for the older siblings! Meanwhile, Andrew and Megan don’t look a day older (fountain of youth, anybody?) I love these guys to pieces. It was hard to pick a few favorites, but here they are. As usual, I love to hear your thoughts!

sfamily-8901 sfamily-8964 sfamily-8971 sfamily-9006 sfamily-8934 sfamily-9049 sfamily-3 sfamily-9128 sfamily-9133 sfamily-9336 sfamily-1 sfamily-9275 sfamily-9439 sfamily-9367nn

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