A Terrific Trio

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These guys are just the best! Judiann, James and Damian are good friends of ours and I had such a good time taking these photos of them. Damian is so stinkin’ cute. I just love his knowing stares with just a hint of a smile. He and my little girl, Ria, are good friends. The day they met, Damian repeatedly hugged Ria while she treated him like a fly she was trying to shoo away, so, yeah, good friends. Judiann is kind and sweet. James is clever and hilarious. Both are kind of crazy(in a good way) and so much fun! They both went to a great books college in Wyoming (you’ll never guess which one) that kicks off with a three week backpacking trip (As a weak-sauce Montanan, I am impressed!) Here are some of my favorites of this awesome family!

familyd-1177familyd-2 familyd-1221 familyd-1283 familyd-1380 familyd-1

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