Baby Adelina

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Introducing Baby Adelina! I had the honor of photographing this sweet little girl at just 7 days old. Naturally, Mary Clare and Damian simply adore this beautiful girl. When the baby was getting tired, Damian stepped in to walk her around. Mary Clare told me that her husband often gets the baby to sleep this way. This time, however, Adelina rewarded him a little surprise of her own (one of the dangers of diaper-less newborn photos!). Both parents took it so well, and were totally cracking up as they cleaned up the areas of collateral damage. Seeing their good-humored reaction to the mishap, I can tell these two have what it takes to be great parents!
About a week after our newborn session, we met up for some bluebonnet photos, which I thought was an awesome idea! What better way to commemorate the time of year that this beautiful girl was born? Congratulations, Damian and Mary Clare! You will be wonderful parents!

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Baby Gianna

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Introducing baby Gianna! You may remember Ray, Katie and Raymo from their family pictures I took last month. I was so lucky to get to hang out with them again last weekend in their beautiful home, and meet their new little girl! Gianna is such a perfect little baby! I could tell that she is cherished by her family. Kate was so peaceful holding her new little girl, and so beautiful (seriously, looking at these pictures of Kate, can you believe she had a baby just six days earlier?) Ray is such a sweet, attentive dad – whether he was baby talking to Gia or playing soccer in the other room with Raymo, it was clear that he loves and enjoys his kids very much. To this sweet family, congratulations on the beautiful baby girl!

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