Annie’s Senior Photos

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I really enjoyed my Saturday morning in Fort Worth with gorgeous sisters Annie and Mary. After gallivanting about the Stockyards where we shot Mary’s senior photos, we headed over to the Fort Worth Japanese Botanical Gardens to capture portraits of beautiful Annie. I loved Annie’s choice for location. The peaceful and poetic verdure of the gardens fit perfectly with Annie’s exquisite beauty and tranquil personality. And her bright flowery dress was perfect against the greenery, evoking the brilliant colors of a Koi fish. Annie’s serene and poised character will serve her well with her studies at U.D. in the fall. Congratulations, Annie!

Annie-2223 annie1 Annie-2226 Annie-2258 annie2 Annie-2286 Annie-2312 annie3 Annie-2349 Annie-2361 Annie-2370 Annie-2378


…And with their lovely mother in mind, I snapped a couple of both gorgeous girls!


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