Adam & Lisa’s Wedding

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Adam and Lisa are an amazing couple. I was so honored to photography their beautiful wedding day, full or friends, family, laughter and love. When two big awesome families such as these are joined together, I would expect nothing less! The ceremony was awe-inspiring, encompassing the beauty of their shared Catholic faith, and when Adam and Lisa said their vows-all the feels! These two are so in love, you guys! The reception was a blast: barbecue, games, kids, babies and a crazy fun dance party–doesn’t get much better than that! One of my favorite parts was the he said/she said game. Adam and Lisa sat back to back and were asked a series of questions (such as “Who knew they wanted to get married first?”, “Who is the better cook?”) to which they lifted up her shoe or his. The results had the whole room laughing. Lisa and Adam are such a lovely couple, it is no wonder that this day was just all around amazing. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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