Zach & Luci’s Wedding

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    Zach and Luci’s wedding was such a blast! I really enjoyed witnessing the commitment made by this amazing couple with the support and love of their family and friends. Luci and Zach said their vows during a beautiful ceremony at St. Anne’s in Coppell. The reception that followed was full of laughter and merriment, and perfect down to the mini apple pie wedding favors which represented one of the couple’s first dates. The best man gave a great speech in which he recalled what it was like growing up with Zach, and said that Zach is the kind of guy that makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Luci’s three sisters gave a charming shared speech in which they extolled Luci’s virtue and meticulous planning skills. Everyone had a good laugh when the three sisters brought up an old list by Luci of must-have qualities of her future husband. From the looks on Zach’s face, I’m guessing he didn’t quite meet all the qualifications (must love Bollywood, must be a good dancer). But when it came to what matters, the girls assured us that Luci had found her perfect man. The speeches were capped off with Dr. Pepper toasts (a nod to Zach and Luci’s Baylor/Waco roots). The bride and bridesmaids kicked off a lively night of dancing with a surprise choreographed dance. Zach and Luci ended the party with a private dance, followed by their exit through a tunnel of smiling faces. I am so happy for these two! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from the beautiful day below!


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