Clare & Mark’s Winter Engagement

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I am beyond excited to share these pictures of my gorgeous sister and her awesome fiance! While visiting home this Christmas, I jumped at the chance to take engagement photos of Clare and Mark against the backdrop of beautiful Montana. This was definitely the most extreme photo shoot I have ever done! Mark and Clare braved the cold (in Clare’s case in heels!), hiked a snowy mountain, and looked good doing it! It meant a lot to me to be able to take these photos. If you know Mark and Clare, you probably had the same reaction as I did when these two started dating: “FINALLY!”. Clare is beautiful inside and out and passionate about helping others. I have known Mark for years and I am so thrilled that this dapper, genuine, kind, smart, guy is joining our family. These two are the most adorable couple and–as I think you can tell from the photos–crazy about each other to boot! Congratulations you crazy kids!

Jake and Tiff

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I loved everything about Jake and Tiff’s Montana wedding: the loving community of super fun people, the beautiful setting of the Flathead valley, but most of all the kind, cool, wonderful couple at the center of it all. Jake and Tiff are such a great couple and so in love. They were radiant with joy the entire day. As second shooter of this wedding, I had the privilege of assisting my good friend and photography mentor, Eric Connolly. Here are some of my favorites from the day!  Hwedding1Hwedding2Hwedding3Hwedding-6733Hwedding-6865





Hwedding-7176Hwedding7Hwedding-7289 Hwedding-7372Hwedding9 Hwedding-7507 Hwedding8 Hwedding-7458Hwedding-7489Hwedding14Hwedding-7671



Hwedding10Hwedding-8156Hwedding11 Hwedding-8159


Eric & Sarah Are Having a Baby!

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There is so much I could say about Eric and Sarah! They are good friends of mine, and such a wonderful couple! I have been friends with Sarah since 9th grade, back when she went by “Smack” (short for “Smackanackapacky”…long story). All these years she has been my good friend, confidant, and work buddy–we’ve worked at four different jobs together. Eric is a man of many talents: a journalist, singer/songwriter and guitar player in a band, and a talented photographer. In fact, Eric is my photography mentor. He played a large part in encouraging me to become a photographer. It really meant a lot to me to take these photos while back home in Helena, Montana this Christmas.

Sarah and Eric, you two are great together! Thanks for your friendship, encouragement, and kindness. I can’t wait to meet your baby!