Lee & Kelly’s Engagement Photos

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Two middle school science teachers at a classical academy in Texas fall in love and get engaged. If this sounds too perfect to be true- it’s not! Not only are Kelly and Lee the most amazing couple, but they are also total science nerds! I love it! At one point they were both geeking out over a lizard they spotted! I really enjoyed hanging out with these two. They were so relaxed and natural around each other, and they are seriously two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They make such a perfect couple. Congratulations, Lee and Kelly!white1 white-3765 white-3790 white-3785 white3 white-3852 white2 white-3882 white-3907 white-3916 white-3928 white-3967 white-3978 white-3981 white-3941 white-3949 white-3997 white-4009 white-4026 white-4014white-4015  white-3992

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