Dorothy & Michael

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Dorothy and Michael are so in sync, it’s like they have been married for years. Their story is classic; they have known each other since they were about 12. I asked them once if it was love at first sight, to which Dorothy responded with a smirk that when they first met she thought Michael was short. This kind of playful levity is characteristic of their dynamic. In addition, they share a peacefulness that is a testimony to the stability of their relationship. These two are meant to be! Congratulations, Dorothy and Michael!








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  1. Donna Smillie

    These are absolutely beautiful! What a lovely couple. Good job, Katie!

  2. mark smillie

    Cool. Do you take in “raw” format? First picture would be cool with a sharp focus around couple and all else faded. Can you blur the green foliage backgrounds more?

  3. Emily McBryan

    Love these! Congrats to Dorothy and Michael (on a side note, nice to see some engagement shots of a TAC couple not at TAC 😉

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