Ria’s Birthday

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My baby girl is one year old! The year that has gone by since we first met her has been one of the happiest in my life. When we first brought Ria home, she was so tiny and wrinkly, Zach called her a “fusticated old man”. I remember I would wake up in the middle of the night to look over at my sleeping baby, and would be overcome with joy. It felt like Christmas. I still get that feeling often when she gives me her huge scrunchy toothless grandma smile or when she babbles to herself nonchalantly as she gets a diaper change. I am so grateful for this past year. I am grateful for my family and friends who have been kind, supportive and loving to the three of us. I am grateful for my husband, who gets up early every morning(often sleep deprived) to go work a long day. He lives out Christ’s sacrificial love for us everyday. He always encourages me, and always lets me know that he loves me and Ria. Most of all I am grateful to God for the loved ones in my life, and the material and spiritual gifts he has given me.  I am remarkably blessed. RiaBdayb-0850RiaBdayb-0754 RiaBdayw-0765Rbdaycollage1 RiaBdayb-0790Rbdaycollage2 RiaBdayb-0880

I can’t get over how cute her profile is.RiaBdayb-0884

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  1. Betty Brewer

    Katie, Zach and Baby Ria. Those pictures are priceless as your little Ria. Katie and Zach you have been so blessed by God to have found each other, not that he didn’t already have that plan in mind, but it is such a blessing to see the love, caring and beauty that he has brought to your friendship/courtship and marriage. Then when he gave you baby Ria, we were all blessed with such a beautiful little girl to ooh and awe over. She is one beautiful little angel sent to you from heaven above. Those pictures a so precious and will be in our hearts forever. We do miss you all so much and wish we could see you all more often, but God has everything in control and you are in His safe loving arms and always will be. Keep the pictures and stories coming as that allows each of us to enjoy watching you grow together as a family and little Ria grow up into the beautiful angel that she is. Love you all so much and miss you more. I pray that you have a Blessed Easter and that God’s covers you all with his love, healing, compassion and safety in every aspect of your lives together. Love you all – Betty

  2. Don and Gloria Jones

    Katie and Zach,
    What a wonderful way to express your love. Your little girl is truly a gift from God and so are you.

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