Hi, I’m Katie!


Creating beautiful images is one of my greatest passions. I have been taking pictures since high school, when I used to fill film rolls with silly photos with my best friend, and then wait excitedly for the photos to come back in the mail. Sometime after college, I started browsing Pinterest and photoblogs, admiring the beautiful images and wishing I could do the same. One day I thought “why am I waiting”? I bought a DSLR, and started learning photography. Through my photos, I hope to communicate a sense of wonder and to illuminate the beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary. I love the challenge that photography presents of telling a unique story with lighting, angle, and composition. I live for the rush of capturing the moment and getting “the shot”. I hope to show people how beautiful they are.  I love light and all the different things you can do with it.

I am a Montana girl; I lived in the Treasure State from the age of 7 to 25. I met my husband at college and we got married in 2012. The following spring, I met the other love of my life, when my beautiful baby girl made her entrance into the world. In the summer of 2013, my husband and I hitched a U-Haul to our Subaru and transplanted our little family to Irving, Texas. We have been living there ever since, warmly welcomed by wonderful people, and consider ourselves very blessed. In October 2015, we welcomed our second child, a sweet and charming little boy. 


That's me and my sweet baby girl!
That’s me and my sweet baby girl!